Thursday, February 26, 2009



So why did I think that breaking through would be easy. Just this morning I was writing about the new man and becoming righteous and I was tested beyond my bounds my kids would say EPIC FAIL. I did not beat it, I let the enemy get to me. I was right but my attitude was wrong, so now I have to pray for God to make me better at putting on the new man because today I did not have on the new man ~ the old one was roaring pretty loud.

So now, with a sinus headache, a new puppy, excited children (because of new puppy), and a day of not much accomplished I can assure you that when the old man wins out, there is no righteousness or true holiness in that!

Praying for my old man to go away and my new man to emerge


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Anonymous said...

A guest speaker spoke last night about how Christians are to live radical and no other way. One definition of radical is "to the center, or core". When we are Christian to the core, we are solid as oak in our beliefs and completely connected to Christ.

This way, when our boss upsets us (just for example), we do not drop the F-bomb. But instead we react as Jesus would. But alas, there is a certain tenderness that comes with humility and brokenness in those moments. The love of the Father really comes through. Just cling to that in the moments of "epic failure".