Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Baby Boi

Today my baby turns 14. I think about how much he has grown and matured over the last few years and laugh about how far he still has to go but doesn't realize it yet.

My greatest joy in Logan is his sensitivity to the Lord. He can run amuck at home and torture his sister to no end but when we get in the presence of the Lord you can see on his face how much he loves Jesus. A few weeks ago we had a really moving service and Sara was singing "The More I Seek You". I was at my pew, hands raised in worship and I felt this little arm go around my waist and Logan singing along with Sara. He began to weep and cry out to the Lord and as a parent, there is never anything more precious than that.

For his birthday, we got him a keyboard because he wants to teach himself to play. Before the night was over last night, you could start to recognize "Here I am to Worship". . .I am thankful that my son is all boy when it comes to being dirty and grimy and playing video games and I am thankful that he still has a sensitive heart for the Lord. We are going to continue to encourage his gifts and see how the Lord uses him in the future.

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