Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 3 ~ Breaking Through and Showing Kindness

All day long today I actually looked for ways to reach out to people. Brad and I both took the day off work (except for a few calls that I had to tend to) and we went TV shopping. I mean shopping. We went to three pawn shops (who were cleaned out because it is 'tax time' and military payday weekend all in one); HH Greg, Best Buy, Target, Sears, Electronics Express, Sam's Club, and Essex and didn't find the deal we were looking for. What a day! We drove a whole tank of gas out all over Clarksville from 1pm until 7pm when we rolled back into town to eat dinner with Chris & Leigh and Mom and Maude. We decided to go look 'one last place' Hopkinsville's very own Wal-Mart. There were some other families looking at TV's too and we found just the one we wanted in our price range. Well the other family wanted it too, and you guessed it, there was only one. We told them to go ahead because we would be fine, they were so excited that we let them have the TV. Brad & Chris decided to go ahead and drive back down to Oak Grove (around 20 minutes) to see if their walmart had this TV..The lady in electronics overheard this and called the walmart and they held the same TV for Brad. He is gone to pick it up now. That family thanked us over and over. We were so glad to give that TV up for them. It really felt good.

I was also able to pray with one of my clients today and tell him that I would continue to lift him up to the Lord. He is a great guy and has every bad thing happen to help him get his medications. He has an advocate before me that screwed his meds up and then his doctor sent the wrong prescription so instead of having a 90 day supply of meds, he only got a 30 day supply. Now he is down to six pills and may run out. Pray that he gets his meds on time because he really can't be without them

Excited for what Day 4 will bring, hang in there with me,



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