Friday, April 3, 2009

Makes me Want to Shout

If anyone knows me well, they know I cannot sing. At all! But the Lord gave me a love for singing. Last night in our bible devotion the question was "What helps you fellowship with God the most?" and my quick answer was song ~ there is a connection with the spirit in song is just so intense I can't quite describe it.

There is a great little song by Francesca Battistelli called "Free to be Me" and I love to sing that song! Logan asked me to quit singing in the car the other day but as I told him, the lyrics of the song say ~ I'm Free to be Me, You're Free to be You ~ that is the joy of serving God.

We can still be us and be Christian's too! So many of us try to change the DNA God gave us to 'fit' into someone elses view of what makes you a Christian. I have a friend who I love dearly but she cracks me up because she is always asking me about situations and then she inevitably ends with this question ~ Do you think that is a sin? My favorite answer is that we need to draw nigh to the Lord and let him lead our hearts. One of my friends put on their facebook today "Those who lead well(in business, home, ministry, w/God) are those who are led well. I want to be led so I can lead!"
. That is what I want, my life to be a life of leading in the Lord. Leading others to the knowledge that life through Him is always worth it. I wish it were through song but that was not in the cards for me, I do believe my worship is contagious and when I am in service I put my all into the worship. But realistically, I can't outwardly worship the Lord all day, every day. I have to work, and eat and shop (sometimes thats a necessity) and do the day to day things of this life. So how can lead people with the Spirit of the Lord? I am discovering I can always be singing and praising in my heart even if I am not belting out a song in the middle of Wal-Mart. God forbid, I am sure the police would be called because people, the voice is not pretty.

Don't feel sorry for me, I'm okay with the fact my voice is really bad ~ I am tone deaf, I can't hear it. If you want to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for my car. . . it gets the brunt of my unwavering singing at the top of my lungs. I belt those words out to the Lord as if I were Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" ~ this morning was a great time of fellowship for me and Jesus. Right now (being the last two days) my favorite worship song is "When I Think About the Lord" which is on the playlist for church this Sunday. . . man I can get some praise on with this ditty.
Here is one of my favorite versions:

I hope you have a praise filled day and that you let the Lord lead you in His way.



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