Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coming up to breath

Okay, So, we have been going to the gym since the first week in October. We have walked and worked out in the pool and really noticed it working us out. Well, tonight was like the boot camp of all boot camps. Our gym guy, Raymond, kicked my butt..well actually my arms and abs and then forced me onto some cardio. I still can't breathe well and it is twenty minutes later.

He started Brad on some weights for his upper body and he was so toasted he couldn't lift his arms when he was done. We are so out of shape that it is not even funny. The one good thing about going to the gym is that we go as a family. Logan runs around the gym (like he needs to work out) and plays basketball or gets on the treadmill. Cait favors the stationary bike.

I, favor laziness, which of course, is not a God Chaser kind of thing to be. So this is a growth area for me, I can see right now. I literally prayed for about 5 minutes of my cardio just to get through it. I hope as we go through this weight loss journey that I can embrace this with motivation and strive to be in the best physical shape possible.

Please pray with me regarding communicating with my daughter. It seems like she is more like me daily, and we get along less and less. I know some of this is to be expected, she is fifteen years old, but there has got to be room for harmony in this as well. I pray that God gives me the patience and the understanding to communicate my love for her in a constructive way. It is such a huge task to be a mother and to try to impart responsibility and love and loyalty and understanding to a teenage girl. I didn't learn these things until way too late in life and i don't want her to struggle like I have, but I guess to some extent, we all have to find our own path in our own time.

"God, please help me to be all that you want me to be, to my family and friends and help me be a light to others. Please let them see Your reflection in me!"

Good Night

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