Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A tale of two plumbers. . . this is good

I have saved our adventure from the weekend for a few days so that I could have something good to blog about tomorrow but now I am sharing it today anyway. . .

Our water has been draining slow for a few weeks. Last Thursday (Jan 8th) I called our regular plumber to see if they could come on out to our house. I did not get a call back on Friday so I thought, well, let me give it the weekend and see what happens. . .PS....Bad Idea.

Saturday night Logan went to take a shower and called out that the water was draining slow. Only to find out when I went in there later, it did not drain at all. It looked like he had taken a soak and not let the water out at all. It took several hours for it to drain so we knew that we would have to be quick on the shower Sunday morning.

Sunday morning was of course, worse. After Brad had his shower, not only did the water not drain, but the lines started backing up into the tubs and let me tell you, it was not a good thing. We called our plumber at 7:30am and got nothing, the next guy we called, nothing. We finally called "lester ellis plumbing" that has advertised extensively in our area. It has actually been bought out by "Hiller Plumbing" and they told us it would be $70 for a Sunday service call but at this point, what were we going to do? Well, waiting would have been better. Brad met the guy at the house while I was still at church and the guy determined that to fix the line, he needed to remove the toilet in the kids bathroom and he attempted to snake the line from there. Obviously we are not plumbers so we did not know this was not normal. He then proceeded to tell brad we did not have outside access to the line and that we would need to put in a piece outside or it would not drain properly to the tune better sit down, $1700.00. . we put the brakes on right there and told him we would get some estimates and get back with him. So basically, he did nothing and charged us $266 for taking off our toilet and putting it back on, not to mention there was 'muddy water' all over the bathroom that 'guess who' got to clean up. It was everywhere

Monday morning, Bruce Orton Plumbing (Bruce gets a star in heaven from me) came out and lo and behold found our outside drain in 4 minutes, had the drain fixed in about 10 minutes and said there was no way that the guy should have done anything in the house. The kids toilet is now a little wobbly so I am sure Bruce will have to come back and fix it. Needless to say, we called Hiller and let them know we were stopping payment on the check. They should be thankful I am not suing them for having to clean that nasty bathroom after they got done 'helping' us. . . so, a word to the wise, never wait until you really need the plumber to find one, or at least don't make it on a day when Bruce Orten is out of town, it could cost you a bundle (or at the least some really yucky elbow grease

Have a good one!


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