Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been thinking alot about consequences today. Sometimes we make bad choices and have to face 'the music'. . . what is 'the music' really? It's the results of decisions we make.

Sometimes the best intentions are not good enough and bad decisions are a result. I made a bad choice, although it was with the best of intentions. Somehow on the other side of the choice, that doesn't seem to matter to my spirit. My spirit is broken and sad and even apprehensive because I know that 'the music' will be well deserved.

I think about being a mom and how I have had to make my kids 'face the music'. As early as yesterday, Logan was officially informed he has no cell phone or teen center for at least the next three weeks. The smartest boy I know got 2, count em', 2 D's on his report card. Not for lack of intelligence, not from poor understanding of the subject manner, but from the sheer fact of not planning effectively. Brad told him just the other night, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Maybe Brad should have had that conversation with me as well.

We are never too old to learn that consequences mean something. Here at 35 years old, I can show my kids, even grown-ups are stupid sometimes. . . . .

Just pray for me today, because the music is coming soon and although I am sure I won't like the song, it has to be sung, and I have to listen to it. . . . . .

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